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Ambassadors Program

Do you love being active, supporting other women and rocking really cute workout gear? If so, then this opportunity might be perfect for you.

We have an Ambassador program and taking applications. We'd love to have you join Team Spirited Nomad & help spread the word about Spirited Nomad Active. We’re on a mission to empower women to prioritize self care and get them in the mood to move more and move often.

Who is a Spirited Nomad Active Ambassador?

The Spirited Nomad Active Ambassador is a high energy fitness & wellness enthusiast who loves to teach, motivate and encourage women to take care of their bodies through working out and being more physically active. She’s in the gym, working on her flows, dancing her heart out, beating the pavement, beasting out in spin class or just sharing her best fitness tips with her tribe. Self-care is her health care and vibrating higher daily is her mission. She’s magnetic and energizing women to live happier, healthier, more balanced lives by being and staying active.

Who would make a great Spirited Nomad Active Ambassador?

Our Ambassadors are instructors, coaches, trainers, and gurus in the fitness and wellness industry.They’re inspiring and motivating women around the world who are on their personal fitness journeys. Ideally our Ambassadors already know, love and wear Spirited Nomad Active. People dig your energy, positive attitude and amazing sense of activewear style and are constantly asking you where you got your fit, and you love to tell them.

The perks of being an Ambassador:

  • Personal purchase discount: 20% OFF full workout sets (e.g. leggings + sports bra) and 15% OFF individual items (excluding launch sales, flash sales, special promos, etc.)
  • A unique discount code for your clients and followers
  • The opportunity to be monetarily rewarded for sharing our brand story and products . You earn 15% commission on ANY SALES that are tracked through your code, OR link (net sales). The more you share Spirited Nomad Active = the more you can earn
  • Exclusive access to Ambassador giveaways, contests & incentives
  • Priority access to participate in our photo and video shoots (when allowed again)
  • Receive VIP invites to Spirited Nomad events, and have the opportunity to host your own Spirited Nomad sponsored event
  • Opportunity to be featured on our social sites & website when you submit or tag pics of how you #GetMovingInSpiritedNomad
  • Feel and look like the high vibe goddess you are, while sharing Spirited Nomad with your sweat sistas
  • The opportunity to rep a brand that is all about empowering women to prioritize self care and live happier, healthier, more balanced lives. 
  • Make friends! You're part of the Spirited Nomad Family now & that's something to celebrate

Ambassador Requirements

  1. Must be 18+ 
  2. Must have previously worked with Spirited Nomad Active as a Wellness Influencer
  3. Exhibits and displays strong interest in Active Lifestyle, Wellness, Fashion & Travel space
  4. Fitness instructor background is a plus and preferred (e.g. Yoga, Spin, Dance Instructors, Trainers and Fitness Coaches, etc.)
  5. Strong activity and engagement on the following social platforms: Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok
  6. Page/channel/account should contain quality content, not just collaboration information and ad posts
  7. Be able to write content/speak/add subtitles in English
  8. Be able to showcase product details creatively and give honest feedback
  9. Be able to reply to your comments from/interact and engage with your followers
  10. Adhere to our Affiliate Program Guidelines
  11. You will be required to sign an Ambassador Agreement that outlines all the terms of ambassadorship, deliverables, etc.

What we ask of our Ambassadors:

  • Add "@spiritednomadactive ambassador" to your Instagram bio
  • Add your CUSTOM LINK to your IG bio link (if you have multiple links, then an app like "linktree" may work)
  • Post and tag @spiritednomadactive #GetMovingInSpiritedNomad on Instagram (stories & post) with information about Spirited Nomad Active, why you love your Spirited Nomad gear and include your 15% off discount code for 1st time customers, or info about a flash sale, product launch, or other promotions and things going on!
  • Email 2-3 high-res photos so we can feature you. Use subject line YOURNAME - AMBASSADOR PHOTOS 
  • Rep Spirited Nomad at the gym, all around town, in workout classes, to brunch with friends and remember that when you're wearing Spirited Nomad Active, it's your job to VIBRATE HIGHER DAILY! Your clothing can serve as a reminder that self-care, confidence and mindset is key.
  • Adhere to our Program Guidelines

Does this program sound like something that’s up your alley? Submit an inquiry to get in touch and express your interest using the form below.