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About Us

Get Strong. Be Spirited. Live Free.

Spirited Nomad Active is a new kind of activewear brand that kindles the feeling of joie de vivre (french for: "an exuberant joy for life") and relieves women of the pressure of “fitness” just for the sake of aesthetics.

Our activewear is more than just workout clothing. They are a reflection of your spirit, a symbol of your strength, and a tool for you to conquer the world.

We’re inspired by vibrant colors, bold patterns and simply having fun with your activewear choices as a source of motivation to move your body intentionally in the ways you enjoy in order to feel good and stay connected with yourself no matter where life takes you.


Our vision is to cultivate a community of healthy, active and fashion-forward women who are looking to express themselves through stylish activewear. 

the spirited nomad active woman

A free spirit

The Spirited Nomad Active Woman doesn’t live by rules or follow traditional paths.

  • She thrives in her offbeat life.
  • She lives from the heart and is comfortable living outside her comfort zone.
  • She has a healthy joie de vivre.
  • She enjoys trying new things.
  • She lights up and sparkles when she feels safe to be uninhibited.
  • She listens to her inner guide rather than the outside world wherever it may take her.

The Spirited Nomad Active Woman moves joyfully with the flow of life and all of our pieces embody that sentiment.