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Affiliate & Ambassador Program Guidelines

When you (the “Influencer”) wear and promote Spirited Nomad Active, it’s your job to vibrate higher and represent both our brand and yourself in a positive light. In order to produce the desired campaign performance that is mutually beneficial, we have a few rules of the road and expectations that all influencers must adhere to so we can get the most out of our partnership together. 

  1. Industry Professionalism. The Influencer conducts his/herself professionally on their digital presence AND in real life. 
  • Digitally >  The Influencer social channels are appropriate for brand and campaign activation initiatives.
  • At Industry Events > The Influencer conducts herself in a business-like manner with the brand, with other industry influencers and with the media. Influencer presents his/herself professionally at all times including wearing appropriate attire for the specified event or activation.
  1. Campaign Performance. The Influencer demonstrates that they understand they understand brand activation and public relations activation deliverables.
  • Digitally > in sponsored or collaborated posts, the brand, location and/or product is dominantly featured in the post, story, feature, blog post or collection delivering necessary activation metrics as defined by the campaign goals.
  • At Brand/Campaign Events > The Influencer will follow the defined run-of-show promotion plan for the event including creating content to match the campaign storyboard and messaging base provided by the brand. The Influencer will represent the brand in a professional manner while providing content and messaging assets for the campaign. 
  1. Legal Compliance. The Influencer states, and demonstrates on all their digital channels that they follow all the laws of the land (for all target geographies of the campaign) and are not an employee of the brand they are promoting. This includes all laws regarding advertising, marketing, digital, social media, data privacy, those generally within the scopes of the FTC and FCC.
  1. Campaign Performance. The Influencer will provide proof of campaign performance and results to the brand to receive payment.
  • Results > These vary based on the campaign and should be aligned with local engagement as that is what the influencer tactic is best used for. What is the conversion metric for the campaign and how did the influencer deliver on this conversion.
  • Documentation > The influencer needs to provide all assets created to brand including stories with performance metrics information for the tactic.

By working with Spirited Nomad Active as an Affiliate or Ambassador, you agree to adhere to these Affiliate & Ambassador Program Guidelines.